Thursday, June 23, 2011

$2.99 for Gas and more updates

Mike and I headed out to get some dinner at one of our usual places and came across gas for $2.99 for gas.  Of course we got in line.  As we were in line (2 cars in front of us) they changed the sign to $3.45.  We decided to wait and take the chance.  As the guy in front of us is pumping they came on the speaker and said the price would go up to $3.45 in 3 minutes.  We were thrilled, but the guy behind us in the motor home had his fingers crossed.  We pulled up and  hurried pumping hoping the guy behind us would get the $2.99 too, then headed to Hawks' Nest for dinner.  About 10 minutes later the couple in the motor home came in and said thanks for hurrying, they too got the $2.99 price and were very happy.  We found out from the restaurant that they lower the gas price for 15 minutes on the day after the Detroit Tigers win.  So hopefully, we'll run across this again.  Here's a sign we'd all like to see more often. 

Back to house updates.  This week has been all about weather.  The concrete guys have been dodging storms, threats of storms and rain showers.  They got the pad in front of the drive way all prepared and ready for cement then had to call it a day because all the concrete in the area was headed to a big job in South Haven.  They came back on Tuesday and poured the pad.  Then they started preparing the porch on the lake side under the deck, the front porch and the porch and walk outside of Mike's work room and the laundry entry.  Part way through the prep, they had to go into full cover mode and get the drive pad covered and protected from the oncoming storms that popped up.  I surely would not want the job, it is a gamble with the weather we've had over the last few weeks.  So here are some pics of the drive pad, front porch, lakeside porch and back porch/walk.

Here is the driveway pad in front of the garage.

This is the front porch, it is exposed aggregate (rough cement with stones showing)

This is part of the patio under the deck on the lake side.

Here's the prep ready for tomorrows pour on the driveway.  There is still a lot of drive to prep and then pour tomorrow  They hope to finish tomorrow, but not sure if the weather will cooperate.

Back inside the trim work continues.  Ivan is going to work on the hardwood flooring on the landing, the stairs and the railing.  He is building everything, so it will take some time.  Hopefully will be done this week.  Hopefully everything will be ready for paint next week.

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