Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Outdoor Shower and Exterior Doors

Not too much new looking this past weekend, but here are a few pictures of the garage exterior doors and my outdoor shower.  We're headed back tomorrow and plumbing and HVAC are working today, so we should see more visible progress. 

I've always wanted an outdoor shower, but ours got cut early in the budget.  We found this sitting in the snow for the basement bath.

The is the back garage door.

This is the entry door from the garage to the house.

This is the garage entry door on the front of the house.

Garage entry door from the outstide.

This is Mike's workroom door to the outside world.

Yesterday we had the appraisal for the Dearborn house.  Hopefully, by week end we'll know that all is well with the buyers financing.  Then we set the close date and go.  Today I'm starting to pack.

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  1. Very nice door frames! Is that pine wood you have there? Your interior looks very rustic and unique because of the knots. The glazed texture and the natural hue of the wood definitely brightened up Mike’s workroom.

    Rolf Matchen