Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/28/11 Progress Continues

Here are some pictures the builder sent over.  I'm not sure when we started that Doug knew he would need to be a photographer, along with a builder.  I wonder if they teach that in building school.  The first picture is from over the river on the road.  Nice Picture Doug!!

Here's a view from over the bridge on the other side of the lake.  Nice picture, can hardly wait to get the boat and dock in the water.  Speaking of boats, our just came in, so they will keep it in storage until it warms up, maybe May????

This is coming down the driveway.  Looking good, all the sheeting is done and it is covered, no more snow on the floor.

Here are Willie and Colter trying to get Tim to play.

Here's the back of the garage all wrapped up.

They are taking sheeting into the rafters.

Nice way to move supplies.  Sure beats hand moving supplies.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We got to head over the Allegan today to check on the progress.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated and the road were good.  With the warmer temps (20's and 30's) and the snow on the ground = foggy roads.

The well is in and work on connecting to the house is happening today.  The basement concrete is in with the plumbing for the basement bath in.  The trusses and sheeting are on the house, trusses are up in the garage and today they are doing the sheeting.

Today we also ordered the windows.  So things are still moving along.  Here come the pics.

This is the lake side of the house.  The left side on the main level is the master bedroom.  The center area is the great room and the right side is the sunroom.  The kitchen is behind the sunroom, but it is all open.

The well is in and here they are putting the line from the well to the house.

Looking through the wall into the master bedroom.

This is looking into the sunroom from the great room.

This is looking from the master bedroom hall through the great room and into the kitchen.

Here are the guys loading the sheeting onto the roof of the garage.  It sure beats taking them up the ladder one at a time.

Easy way to move the sheets.

Sheeting going up on the garage.

Now we are in the basement.  Here is the well.

Here is a bedroom in the lower level.  Doug and I are standing in a sitting area.

This is another bedroom that looks out to the lake.

Here shows the concrete floor that was poured last week.

The well piping being trenched in.

Another view of the lake side of the house.


Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 WE HAVE A ROOF

We have a roof.  There has been lots of visible progress these past few days.  The basement plumbing was put in and we are waiting this afternoon for the inspection.  Once we get the OK on the inspection, the cement flatwork will "happen" in the basement.

Last week HD (Home Depot) has a special on the interior doors we wanted, Jeld Wen Santa Fe.  If you bought hollow core doors, you were upgraded to the solid core for free.  We like FREE.  We were going to go with the solid core doors, so this was a great savings. Stan at PG said great deal, go for it.  He reviewed our HD door order and we said go.  Of course this will be the one time that HD gets our order in on time, next week.  We certainly aren't anywhere near needing our interior doors, but for a free upgrade we'll put them off on the delivery for as long as we can.

So yesterday a new HD paper comes out.  This time they have a bunch of "special buys" on bath vanities.  So this morning, Mike and I head to HD to check out the "deals".  Of course we find a vanity for the 1/2 bath, $549 for $199, and a 36" vanity for the lower level bath, $499 for $199.  We love savings. 

So now I have to be sure to watch all the HD, Lowes and Menards flyers.  But we don't get the Menard's, so I'll have to sign up for theirs by email.

Joan, our kitchen designer, is working on those plans and elevations.  Once she gets them to me, I'll post.

This is the entry from the garage into the laundry/mud room.

Progress is moving along.  We have a roof.  Great that much less snow to go into the house.   The sun is shining, but it is cold.

Here is a view of the front of the house and looking past to the lake. 

Here is Tim Master of Everything.  Go Tim Go!!!!  He doesn't even look cold, wait maybe he is frozen in place.

Here is another view of the garage and front entry.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here are the trusses.  They were delivered yesterday and hopefully they start installing them tomorrow.

Here's the garage, I guess it is big enough to hold a car, since that is way bigger than our car.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's been about a week and a half since we've been to the build.  There has been good progress.  Here are some updated pics.
 View out the front door down what will be the drive way.

 This is the master bedroom, the bed will go under the three small windows.

 This is the master closet.

 This window is above the potty.  The walls enclose the shower, although they need to make a change here, the wall is too tall, we'll have the top half in glass.

 This is the "missing" kitchen wall.  We are still deciding on the exact size and location of the windows.

This is my small office.