Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We got to head over the Allegan today to check on the progress.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated and the road were good.  With the warmer temps (20's and 30's) and the snow on the ground = foggy roads.

The well is in and work on connecting to the house is happening today.  The basement concrete is in with the plumbing for the basement bath in.  The trusses and sheeting are on the house, trusses are up in the garage and today they are doing the sheeting.

Today we also ordered the windows.  So things are still moving along.  Here come the pics.

This is the lake side of the house.  The left side on the main level is the master bedroom.  The center area is the great room and the right side is the sunroom.  The kitchen is behind the sunroom, but it is all open.

The well is in and here they are putting the line from the well to the house.

Looking through the wall into the master bedroom.

This is looking into the sunroom from the great room.

This is looking from the master bedroom hall through the great room and into the kitchen.

Here are the guys loading the sheeting onto the roof of the garage.  It sure beats taking them up the ladder one at a time.

Easy way to move the sheets.

Sheeting going up on the garage.

Now we are in the basement.  Here is the well.

Here is a bedroom in the lower level.  Doug and I are standing in a sitting area.

This is another bedroom that looks out to the lake.

Here shows the concrete floor that was poured last week.

The well piping being trenched in.

Another view of the lake side of the house.


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