Saturday, January 29, 2011

1/28/11 Progress Continues

Here are some pictures the builder sent over.  I'm not sure when we started that Doug knew he would need to be a photographer, along with a builder.  I wonder if they teach that in building school.  The first picture is from over the river on the road.  Nice Picture Doug!!

Here's a view from over the bridge on the other side of the lake.  Nice picture, can hardly wait to get the boat and dock in the water.  Speaking of boats, our just came in, so they will keep it in storage until it warms up, maybe May????

This is coming down the driveway.  Looking good, all the sheeting is done and it is covered, no more snow on the floor.

Here are Willie and Colter trying to get Tim to play.

Here's the back of the garage all wrapped up.

They are taking sheeting into the rafters.

Nice way to move supplies.  Sure beats hand moving supplies.

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