Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets Starting

It was a busy start this week. We picked the Kraftmaid Huntington door style maple wood painted white.

Ivan built the oven cabinet (which looks huge in the pics by itself) on Saturday, so we would be all set to start hanging cabinets today. 
We started with the kitchen window wall and then moved to the wall that will have the cooktop.  Progress went quickly, of course, Ivan probably had more help than he wanted, but I think it went well.  Patti and I unpacked cabinets as they were needed and carried them into the kitchen, then Mike and Ivan hung them and installed them.
This is the refrigerator cabinet.  Small problem with the way the cabinet is built when we add a cabinet on top, the door sizes don't match and it look "off".  So Ivan worked with Stan (our Pierson Gibbs rep) on a solution.  They came up with ordering doors for the lower cabinet in the same size as the upper cabinet and using some different hinges.  That will work great and look great.
Of course Ivan was the one with the brains for cutting plumbing and HVAC pieces out of the cabinets.  When Patti, Mike and I left on Monday, Ivan stayed and put together the island.

Here's the island.  Mike and Ivan are talking about the exact location for it.

Tuesday, we started with the master bathroom.  We hit a small HVAC obstacle, but Ivan had a couple of solution and we decided on one and moved forward.  After lunch we hung the laundry room wall cabinets.

Laundry room wall cabinets.  I still need to decide on my washer and dryer.

Ivan has a wedding this weekend, so he will be off the rest of the week, but before he left he ran my HDMI cable for the TV above the fireplace.  He had to go into the attic in the 90 degree heat, too hot, then his battery runs out, so he has to come out of the attic (cool off) then go back up to finish.  He ran the cable so the stone guy can come do the fireplace Thursday.  While Ivan is gone, Matt is going to continue with the interior trim.

Scott's Siding started the siding today.  It looks so different.  I can't wait to see a big section done.

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