Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busy Week.

Cabinets and Flooring and Paint Oh My!  For the young folks, that's from the Wizard of Oz, lions and tigers and bears Oh My!

It was a very busy week.  As we are nearing the completion, things are happening.  It is also the time that the budget can skyrocket.  It's all those visual things that you want to spend money on and upgrade.  These two "old" retirees are working on trying to keep that in check.  No place to go get more money, unless anyone wants to sponsor a room, like the stadiums.  Maybe Staples would want to sponsor the office, we'd hang a nice little plaque above the door in their honor.  What do you think????

Back to the progress, on all the dry days, we had painters doing the exterior trim and there are just a few tall spots left to finish.

The cabinets were delivered on Thursday.  There are a lot of boxes, but of course they ship them with the doors off and in their own box then every piece of trim come in its own box.  So we are going to have plenty of cardboard this week to trash. 

Some flooring has been done, COMPLETED.  The master bath, shower and closet have all been tiled and grouted.  The basement bath is done too.  The family entry/laundry/powder room/pantry have all been tiled, grouted, DONE.  Yeah, more off the done list.

The hardwood flooring got started on Thursday afternoon, more progress yesterday, finishing the kitchen and family room.  Monday they will work on the master bedroom and office.

Today Ivan is coming to set some kitchen cabinets, of course, he has to start with the oven cabinet in the corner.  Getting that right is the key to all the cabinets working correct, being level and square.

Here are the pics:

Master Closet tiling complete and grouted.
Master shower tiled and grouted.  Waiting to get an estimate for the door on Monday. 

Here is Ivan working on the ever so important, first row of the Hardwood.

Progress on the flooring in the kitchen.

The kitchen is done and they moved in the oven cabinet, since Ivan is working on it tomorrow and needed help getting it into the house.

More of the kitchen floor progress.

The sunroom and kitchen are done.  They are continuing work into the family room.

More of the sunroom.  Thanks to the sun for the cooperation this week.  I'm sure this will be our favorite place.  Other than the kitchen, because we haven't had a kitchen for a few months.

Here is the family room done, except for a small corner by the side of the fireplace. 

More business for next week.  We have the painters finishing the peak outside.  Shower door estimates.  Decide on countertops.  HVAC coming to complete a few things.  Cabinets set in the kitchen, family entry/laundry and master bath.  The interior trim will get started too.  And the siders will get started on Wednesday. 

I'll try to get pics posted throughout the week.

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