Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grading happens and First Floor CleanUp

Thought I'd add a few pictures of the grading that happened this week. Above the front loader is moving out front to start work and get rid of the massive cherry tree stump.  We  really didn't want to take it down, but it was causing drainage issues, so it had to come down.
Here's the finished grade.  We have the cement contractor coming out on Monday to start work.  He'll do more final grade after he gets the porches poured.

The countertop people were out this week to measure for countertops.  They won't be done for 3-4 weeks.  We had the decking delivered too.

Had a few people to give us quotes on the gutters and need to make that decision this week.

Later this week, we may begin to see paint going up.  I'm guessing that it will be next week, as there are still lots of small things to get done and out of the way before the paint starts.

I pulled up the cardboard and paper that was on the wood floor and did the first cleaning of the floor.  There was so much sand, dirt, dust and just about everything else on the floor.   It is looking good.  This week they are going to trim out the windows, doors and floor.  They also be hanging the interior doors.  They started trim and door hanging in the basement last week.

This is the sunroom with a clean floor.
 Here is the kitchen and I can't wait until we can get the appliances in and cook something.  Eating out has gotten old.

Here is the fireplace.  The stone is done and we talked with Ivan about what we want for a mantle.  We are looking for a simple mantle.  Ivan is going to build it for us, but that will come later.
 Here is the front entry with the clean floor.

Here's my little office.  It gets great sun.  Now I need to figure out and find a desk and file cabinet.

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