Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tiling is Beginning

Just a few updates so far this week.  The tiling has begun in the master shower and the family entry/bath area.  The master shower tiling is about 3/4 done.

We've had beautiful weather so far this week, so the exterior caulking was started yesterday and finished today.  They started painting the exterior trim today. The framers were suppose to be back yesterday, but have been under the weather, so hopefully they'll be back tomorrow.  They still need to get the exterior soffits and a bit more trim installed.  Then it will be on to the siding.

Got the air conditioning working Saturday and the sump pump going today.  So it can finally start to acclimate the hardwood.

We went to get all the paint for the house yesterday at Home Depot.  They were having a promo with Behr to get a rebate for $5 per gallon or $20 for a 5 gallon  bucket of paint.  So off we went to get 68 gallons of paint.  When we were getting ready to check out, they asked if we had a pro account for additional discounts.  We didn't, but now we do.  So more savings off the paint.  Before we checked out we were chatting with an older couple as they were buying paint and they asked the HD person if the veteran discount for Memorial Weekend had started, Yeah!!!, it started so there was another 10% off on the paint.  Love to save money. 

Next week the interior doors will be delivered.  Then late in the week the kitchen cabinets will be delivered along with the interior trim.  

So here are just a few pics of the tiling going on:

Basement Bath
Basement Bath

Laundry room entry

1/2 Bath tile floor

Pantry Closet tiling

Master shower tiling

More master shower tiling

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Have Electricity

It's been a bit since the last update.  Last week we had the electric company and the gas company out to put in service.

The electric company had up to 5 BIG trucks out with several guys trenching, digging, laying line and putting in a new transformer. We were too far from the current transformers to use them, so we now have our own.  That's nice for getting electricity to the house, but bad for the budget.  This was an over budget item, but can't live without that electricity.  So as of late last week we have electricity.  Our electricians came right after the electric company left and wired some temporary lights and outlets.  THANKS to Russcher Electric for a great job so far.  Looking forward to getting to the end.

We also had the gas company out last week.  They had a couple of trucks and had to run the line under the highway to get service to our house.  A couple of guys and a day and a half for that job to get done.  Of course we had to have one problem with getting the utilities in, they hit the septic field.  The nice new septic field, so had to have the septic guys back out to do repairs on the field.  But that all got done by week end.  Now we are waiting to get the pressure tests done and any issues fixed (yes we have a small problem at the fireplace that is being fixed as I type).  Hopefully, we will be able to have the furnace running by the end of the week.  That would help, since this has been such rainy and damp weather to get things dried out in the house.  The basement bath still is not dry from the drywall that was hung and mudded two weeks ago.

We had the hardwood flooring and all the tile for the basement bath, family entry area and the master bath floor and shower delivered last Monday.  The garage is getting full of materials again.  The siding was delivered and is sitting in the driveway.

The exterior trim was finished this week and hopefully it will be a bit warmer so the trim can be painted.  Once the trim is painted we will be able to get the siding hung.

Ivan layed the cement board down for the tile areas and is hoping to get the waterproofing done on the shower walls tomorrow.  Then will start to lay the tile floors.

So here are some pictures of the happenings going on over the last couple of weeks:

Here are a few of the utility trucks installing service last week. Of course, there is Mike in the middle of the action, in his shorts and red jacket.

The basement bath with fresh cement board on the floor, waiting for tile.  The tile may be starting tomorrow.

The closet in the basement bath.

This is one of the spare bedrooms in the basement.

Another of the bedrooms in the basement.

The basement area that will have a patio out the doors.

The cement board was layed down today and is marked by paint cans to not walk on the fresh boards.  Tile will be going down this week.

This is the family entry that had to have some self leveling cement put in today.  So that the concrete floor and the wood sub floor could be even for the tile flooring.  Once that drys, hopefully in a few days, the tile can be laid.

The deck framing has been done, but we need to decide on what kind of deck boards we want to have.  We know we want some composite, no maintenance.  There are so many, we just need to make a decision and then order.

The sun room and kitchen all primed and waiting for flooring, then paint and cabinets.  The cabinets were ordered, just waiting for delivery.

Here is the fireplace.  We met with the stone guy last week and he is ordering the stone and hopefully will get in installed soon.

Oops, small problem with the fireplace, a leak that needed to be fixed.  It is fixed now, but we need to get the drywall fixed now.  Always something, hopefully they will all be small things.

The front doors waiting to get a driveway, that is way down the line for now.  So we'll have lots of sand and dirt for now.

Okay, imagine this sometime in the near future this will be a kitchen.  The guys have made comments that they can't believe how many cabinets we'll have.  Can never have too much space.

This will be the place for our bed.  Can't wait to get that done, but it will be some time.

More cement board that was put in today, this is the master closet and bath.  Maybe tile tomorrow.

This is the sun room, it's just waiting for sun.
This is the siding, it can't be installed until the exterior trim is painted.  The trim can't be painted until the nights warm up to mid 50's.  Who would have thought that wouldn't be happening in mid-May.
Here is the hardwood that was delivered this week.  Solid hickory in 5" width.

Here is the tile and hard wood flooring waiting to be installed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots Happening Behind the Scenes

We've been making decisions and getting things ordered.  We've ordered the hardwood for the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and office.  The tile for the master bath and closet was ordered.  We need a skinny vanity for the 1/2 bath, because I don't like pedestal sinks (yucky to clean behind), found one and ordered that.  All of this is in and will be delivered early next week.  The appliances I bought on sale in February and they'll be delivered mid May.  We ordered the kitchen and master bath cabinets last week and they'll be 4-6 weeks before they arrive.

We are suppose to get the gas installed early next week, then we can have the electric company out to check and make sure we are ready for them to lay the electric line.  These two have been a pain, since they both charge an arm and leg if you want to do things before April 15.  So we waited, along with everyone else, so the schedules are busy.  Hopefully, we'll get electric soon.

The drywaller is done and was cleaning up earlier this week.  The walls are being primed now. 

We are going to head up to Allegan on Sunday.  Just a few decisions left, then it's wait for delivery and installation.  Things are looking good and hopefully we'll have a home by late June.  We'll update with pics next week.

I added a few gadgets to the side of the blog as reminders to myself.  The one I added today talks about how to organize a kitchen.  Some good tips, but of course I'll forget by the time the kitchen is installed, so this is my saving spot.