Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots Happening Behind the Scenes

We've been making decisions and getting things ordered.  We've ordered the hardwood for the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and office.  The tile for the master bath and closet was ordered.  We need a skinny vanity for the 1/2 bath, because I don't like pedestal sinks (yucky to clean behind), found one and ordered that.  All of this is in and will be delivered early next week.  The appliances I bought on sale in February and they'll be delivered mid May.  We ordered the kitchen and master bath cabinets last week and they'll be 4-6 weeks before they arrive.

We are suppose to get the gas installed early next week, then we can have the electric company out to check and make sure we are ready for them to lay the electric line.  These two have been a pain, since they both charge an arm and leg if you want to do things before April 15.  So we waited, along with everyone else, so the schedules are busy.  Hopefully, we'll get electric soon.

The drywaller is done and was cleaning up earlier this week.  The walls are being primed now. 

We are going to head up to Allegan on Sunday.  Just a few decisions left, then it's wait for delivery and installation.  Things are looking good and hopefully we'll have a home by late June.  We'll update with pics next week.

I added a few gadgets to the side of the blog as reminders to myself.  The one I added today talks about how to organize a kitchen.  Some good tips, but of course I'll forget by the time the kitchen is installed, so this is my saving spot.

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