Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windows are going IN

We had a great drive over to the house yesterday.  The sun was shining and traffic was light.  Of course, sunshine is great, until you get to a dirt driveway with thawing.  This equals mud.  Oh well, can't get to spring without thawing and mud.

The windows are almost all in.  I need to get the exact location for the kitchen window to go over the sink.  But I need to determine the exact location of the sink first.  I'm getting there, we walked through kitchen things with Jan. Hopefully we can get together soon to finalize that kitchen.  But I need to decide on washer/dryer, to finalize the laundry plan.  So many decisions.

This week Mike and I have been TRYING to decide on garage doors, fireplace, kitchen plan, lighting plans.....  Now you know why I'm updating this at 6AM on a Sunday morning.  Sleep is not always happening.  Of course, Mike and Cocoa are sound asleep after a bird hunt over by the new house yesterday, they are both pooped.

We also have more reasons to not sleep.  We have a contract on our Dearborn house and will be closing mid-March.  Yes that is just a few weeks away.  Who would have thought in this economy we would sell the house so quick.  It was only on the market for a week and we had two offers.  Thanks to our agent, Allison Fishwick for a great job.

So now we are working on where will we sleep for the next few months.  They are making great progress, but not quite that good.  

Okay, back to the pictures.  The camera battery went out, so the pics are from the cell phone. 

This is the garage.  They have it closed off and are running heat in here to get the ground to thaw, so they can pour some concrete.
This is in the garage looking to where Mike's work room and the laundry will be.
This is the view from the west neighbors.
Coming up the drive to the house.  The lake is in the background.
Here is the lake front view.  It's hard to believe that last weekend there was over a foot of snow.  Windows are looking good.
This is the lakefront bedroom in the lower level.
This is the other bedroom in the lower level on the right.  On the left is the walk out area to the lake.
This is the family room in the lower level.
This will be the great room.  Once the doors are in to the deck it will be great!!
Last but not least, I think this will be my favorite place, the sun room.  And today there was cooperation, there was great sun. 

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