Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a few updates on the lower level

We made it over to the house today.  It was cold, although warmer than the last few days, but sunny, which always helps.

Here are a few pictures from the lower level today.  Okay, I changed them, but they still show up on their side.  So for now you just have to turn your head.

The is the upper stairs going to the lower level.

Another head turner!!!  This is the framing for the master shower.  The seat will be tiled.  Although there are a few things that need to be changed/corrected in here.

These are the bottom half of the stairs to the lower level.

This is the wall for one of the bedrooms in the lower level.  It looks really dark because they have all the window opening covered to keep out the cold and snow.

Okay, another head turner.  This is the other bedroom in the lower level, you can see some light in this room, the window covering is not on tight enough.

Let's all hope for a warm up, so they can finish the shingling early next week.  Then they will start to work on the exterior trim.  Things are still moving along well.

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