Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Much Going On

It's been a few weeks since our last post.  So many things have been happening, I'll try to get everyone up to date.

We closed on the Dearborn house last Wednesday.  Picked up a moving truck Friday night, had two movers over Saturday morning and loaded the truck. Mike drove the truck and Cocoa and I followed in the Vue.  We got to Patti's house in Allegan about 6 and Patti got here about 7.  We went out for a quick dinner and then all crashed.  Saturday morning two more movers came and unloaded everything into Patti's garage and basement.  We headed back to Dearborn to pick up a few things and drop off the keys at the realtor.  When we walked in with the keys, the new owners walked in behind us to pick up the key.  They are a nice young couple, who will hopefully enjoy the house for many years.  It's hard to believe I had the house for 3 years before Mike, so a total of 27 years in that house.  So good bye to that chapter of our life and on to the next one.

So now onto the new house.  The trades, Electric, Plumbing and Heating/Cooling are in the house doing their things.  We hope to have them all completed and ready for the inspections by Monday.  Following are a couple of pictures of the doors that were put in in the Great Room, Laundry Room Entry and Front Doors.

The doors are finally in on the lake side of the house

This is the laundry room entry door.  I wasn't sure it was worth the extra cost to have the tall door, but it sure looks good with the sun shinning in.  Can't wait to see it with the walls, floors, cabinets and washer/dryer.  You know that gypsies don't have washers and dryers, so the thought of having them at my disposal is a wishful thought.

Here is the door from the master bedroom to the deck.  This was a last minute addition to the plan.  So glad we did it, it looks great and the sun cooperated for the picture.

Basement bath tub is in.

Here's an exciting picture, the HVAC runs are getting put installed.

We hitched a ride back to Dearborn on Monday to pick up the car and turn in the keys for the house.  Mike is sleeping on the van floor and Cocoa has the comfy seat for her nap.

Here are Mike and Cocoa sleeping on the way back from lunch after we helped unload the truck.

Here are the front doors.  They look great and you can see through the house out the deck doors and to the lake.
Doug stopped by Patti's this afternoon and we talked about the schedules and he thinks we may be in late May.  I'm not holding my breath, but early June would be good.

In the mean time, we are staying at Patti's in Allegan.  Of course, her house is waiting for flooring, painting, trim work, bathrooms completed, kitchen, etc.....  But it's a place to sleep close to the build.  We're off later this week to Urbana, IL.

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