Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspections Done

We had the inspections for the Electric, Plumbing and Heating/Cooling done last week and everything is good to go.  The framer was coming yesterday and today to do some last punch list items. 

We are waiting for the fireplace to come in, we ordered it a few weeks ago from Cosy Warm Fireplace & Patio in Holland, thinking that a local company would be good.  But some delays are occuring, they aren't scheduled to get the fireplace until late this week, so the install won't be till mid next week at best.    We have the insulation scheduled for late this week and the drywall to start mid next week, so things are moving along, slow but still moving along.

Of course we can't have a new build without some drama, ours started last week.  The HVAC guy decided he doesn't want to finish the job.  Luckily, his contract is with Pierson Gibbs, not directly with us, so Pierson Gibbs will be working with him and the legal issues involved.  I'm sure they will get us HVAC one way or another.   Of course, Mike is the worry wart, so until it is resolved, he will worry.

So hear are a few unexciting pictures of plumbing, wiring and HVAC.

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