Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drywall is here

We are just back from a trip from Illinois to Allegan, and a quick day trip to Warren.  On Friday the Septic guy started digging the septic field and put the extra dirt in the driveway area.  Early Friday the basement insulation was delivered along with the deck framing material.  Late Friday the drywall was delivered and Saturday they started installing.  So we have a slew of new pictures of progress.  Here they are:

Deck framing materials delivered

Dirt from the septic field was moved to fill the drive.

Drywall is waiting to be hung in the great room.

Garage walls have been insulated and waiting for the drywall to go in.

Drywall waiting to be installed in the kitchen.

Electric panel installed.

Fireplace installed.

Sunroom insulated.

Ivan ready to start insulating the basement walls.

The master closet was insulated and is the first room with drywall on the walls and cieling.  We are on our way.

Matt cutting pieces for the basement wall insulation.

Mike's room with insulation.

Septic Field ready.

Septic Field dug out.

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