Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stair Treads are finally in

This past week had lots of activity, but not much completion.  Although we now have, as Patti says, a runway for a driveway.  A lot of concrete was poured and has now sat for a week, Mike parked the truck at the end of the drive to be sure no visitors drove on his new cement.

Here are the stair treads.  They are solid hickory and I ordered them from the internet.  Ivan was a bit skeptical of them when I told him the price and that I was getting them from the internet.  But once he saw them and did the install, he was quite please with how they worked out.  We got them from  They are in Ohio.  Here are the pics, so far with the treads installed, but no painting done yet.

Here are the stairs, although the picture doesn't do them justice.

They spend a good part of the week covering and taping things.  They also set up a painting booth in the garage.  Here's a few of those pictures, not much exciting.

Here's the paint booth.

We talked to lots of people last week about grass, sprinklers, dirt, plants, etc.  Of course these are all the things we didn't plan for in the budget.  We decided on Scott's Landscaping and they are starting this week, we hope the weather cooperates. 

We also talked to Home Depot and Lowes about carpeting this week too.  We are waiting for a call to get measured for carpeting this week.

COUNTERTOPS are coming too this week.  They are scheduled for Thursday.  Can't wait.  We may see the shower door this week too.

Ivan will start the painting this week too.  Should be lots to post and keep everyone up to date.

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