Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quilt #9 is Started

While I was hand binding my last quilt, my fingers got tired.  So what else should I do, start another quilt.  I  had bought a charm pack from Parade on Main from MSQC.

I loved the HSTs I used in my toppers and wanted to do a quilt with them.  So I paired this charm White charm pack and off I went.

Once I square up all my blocks, I need to make a decision.  Which pattern to choose.  I like each of them, but not sure which way to go.  So I'll think about it today and decides once my squaring up is done. 

I plan to add a red border around the front, not sure of how wide yet.  Might then follow up with a small white border, since I'm going to bind with the backing.  Here is the backing, as well as a navy, which I may throw into a border too.

More decisions, I love to use a pattern, then most of the decisions are done for you.  But this isn't really a pattern, so I'm on my own, which scares me, as I am a newby and don't really trust my decisions yet.

One day I'll get there, but for today, I am off on errands and then spending the evening working on this quilt.

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  1. I like the second layout better, but either will make a great baby quilt.