Monday, March 28, 2016

Quilt #5

Wanted to do a quilt for my Aunt's 90th Birthday this summer.  So I found this quilt Kona Cotton Cozy Throw kit and ordered.  It came so quick from Craftsy, it was my first purchase from them.

Once I got the kit, I did my cutting, which went very quick.  Then I headed into the piecing the strips and cutting them into the blocks.  It was so easy, fun and quick.

Once I put them blocks together, then it was time to put the sashing on.

I took me a few days to put together the top, then it was quite a bit of time before I got in gear to find some backing.  Went over the weekend and bought backing at a small local shop Pressing Matters.

I got a Moda Flow Apple Egeria.  It is very cute, bright and soft.

Time to make a sandwich.

Got my sandwich done, now I need to give Alice a call to get this quilt on her schedule.

Wow I've really planned ahead.  Don't need this one until August, but I know that Alice has a big job  coming up so want to get on her schedule.  


  1. Alice has a longarm? And you pin baste your quilts? That's unusual, if it's actually a longarm. Love the top! Do you know about Moda Bake Shop for free patterns?

  2. Yes she has a longarm. As a beginner I read the steps on what to do. So I went all the way to just before quilting. She told me I didn't need to do that