Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quilt #18

I picked up my new machine just in time to do a quick quilt to take to Charleston this weekend.

I picked up some fat quarters at AQS on Saturday, when I picked up my machine.  I had the yellow and white left over.  So I wanted something quick and decided on Bijou Lovely Color Block pattern, I used this pattern for my first and second quilts.

Spent Sunday cutting and piecing.

Spent Monday quilting, straight line 1/2" apart.

Tuesday did the binding and washed. Here is the finish.  

I decided to get some labels and start labeling my quilts.  Once I decided that I wanted to label my quilts I knew I needed a name.  So I looked at my daily shadow and thought Cocoa Quilts.  So here is Cocoa, she is a senior, 14 years old in November, Hungarian Vizsla.  Now that I have started to use Cocoa Quilts, I need to figure out how to change my blog name.  That is for another day.

I ordered labels from lillalotta  she was very helpful and quick.  Although she is in the Netherlands, I received them in less than a week.

 I had several quilts and labeled the all.  Here they are in a fun pile.

Four of them are headed with me to Charleston, SC this weekend.  

Quilt #5 is going to my Aunt for her 90th Birthday.
Quilt #10 is going to my sister.
Quilt #16 is going to my niece
Quilt #18 is going to another niece as she graduates as a Physician Assistant.

It will be a great weekend.  Hubby and I are flying out Friday morning and won't be back until Wednesday next week.


  1. Pretty quilt - love the fabric choices! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  2. I like the graphic simplicity of this piece. Good work!

  3. What a great (and quick!) finish.

  4. Cocoa Quilts is a great name! Sounds sweet and cozy :)

    I love how those bright, vibrant colors go together so well on your latest piece. They almost shimmer, don't they?

  5. Nice quilt! It looks like you get them done fast too. I never thought about having labels made, but I like the way that looks. Hope you had fun on your trip. I'm off to check your quilting blog now.

  6. I love the quilty photo with all your labels! Cocoa looks so sweet, she must be honored to have her name tagged on your quilts ;)